Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Forklift operators beware...potatoes now under control

I’m not sure which is worse, the three- mile hike I took to get to and from my first weigh-in or the stiff and sore body that I woke up to this morning.  It doesn’t really matter, though, because I am proud of myself for doing it. And how could I really expect that I would spring out of bed, since I had not exercised in years.  With aspirin on-board, I will carry on!

Last evening, I was trying to figure out what to do with the last few potatoes in a 5-pound bag. Luckily, it dawned on me that I could look for recipes contained on the online Weight Watcher eTool and see if somebody had more imagination than me. 

I love potatoes; and one of the portion control issues that I face is just how many of them I could eat if left alone.  A mountain of mashed potatoes and a fork is pretty much all I need to “make my day.”  But now, recognizing that eating properly does not allow for a forklift to deliver a mountain of potatoes, I need to back off and cook the portion sizes that healthy eaters eat.

I did find a very good (and easy) recipe for roasted potatoes, Dijon-Roasted New Potatoes.  If a recipe takes longer than 10 minutes to assemble, I’m too impatient to make it.  This one was quick to assemble, cooked in 30 minutes and three points.  It made a perfect side dish to the grilled chicken, fresh steamed green beans and homegrown tomatoes that I served with it.

By filling the rest of my dinner plate with colorful, low point options, my need for a ton of potatoes was quelled.  I guess I’m putting some forklift operator on mandatory layoff.

Talk to you soon.

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