Monday, September 21, 2009

A new beginning…preparing myself for that first meeting

I will confess that this is not the first time I have joined Weight Watchers. It’s the fourth time over a period of 30 years or so. That works out to once each decade of my life, starting in my 20’s when I was in college and gained that freshman 15, which in my case was supersized to 25 by my senior year. It was time to look for a job and I needed to look “professional.” At that age, the 25 pounds was gone in about eight weeks.

In my 30s, I rejoined after having my second son and wanted to lose the stubborn baby weight. I was a senior executive in New York and needed to fit into my tailored Wall Street wardrobe. It was that same 25 pounds that had decided to re-visit me, and it took about 12 weeks to rid myself of the “stubbornness.”

In my 40’s, I remarried. As an almost new bride, I prepared for the wearing of the wedding dress, (sounds like the running of the bulls) by going back to my trusted friend, Weight Watchers. I factored in a longer time period to lose the weight because I knew that each decade before I was adding a month. The loss of 25 pounds took 16 weeks, and the running of the bride down the aisle to meet her soon to be husband was accomplished in her smaller body.

And now, as I look at my late 50’s, and not 25 pounds, but 50, I am pleased to report that the reason to lose the weight is not an event with a timetable. I am giving myself permission to take 50 weeks, a generous allotment, to lose the weight for a healthier me. And if it happens to run long, so will these columns.

Talk to you soon.

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