Sunday, September 27, 2009

Playing fair in a restaurant...leave that bread right where it is

Saturday night…date night with my husband.  As empty nesters, any night can be date night and this week, we chose Saturday.  What happens on date night stays on date night with the exception of what we did for dinner. 

We like to support our town’s restaurants, so we try to stay close to home.  One of our favorite places to go is a Mexican restaurant.  But, I just didn’t feel ready to tackle my points with that menu.  So, we went Italian. 

I knew from the menu in the window that there were alternatives to pasta, and it was easy to find a meal that was “point appropriate” and desirable.  A grilled under a brick chicken breast served over a bed of fresh greens with fingerling potatoes kept me interested in my meal, especially remembering that I didn’t have to cook it.

The hardest part for me was staring at the bread…and the olive oil infused with herbs.  I could have asked to have it removed or not served at all.  But, in real life and with my husband who loves bread and oil sitting at the table, that option just wasn’t viable.  And it never will be.  I have to learn to enjoy other people’s pleasures without indulging in them each and every time.

I made it through last evening’s bread encounter with flying colors.  A sense of satisfaction came over me as we left the restaurant, but I actually think it was more because I didn’t have to wash the dishes than it was because I didn’t eat the bread.

Talk to you soon.

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