Monday, September 21, 2009

Tuesday, September 15…my first meeting

I was actually excited to hop in the car and drive one mile to the Lutheran church that will become my every Tuesday home away from home for about an hour. Maybe some day, I might even walk to a meeting…but let’s not get ahead of ourselves!

In my last three adventures with Weight Watchers, I never stayed for the meetings. I picked up the materials, got weighed in and left. I was that “know it all” who didn’t need to hear the speaker. Just give me the directions and I will follow them. I did follow through, and I did lose the weight. But this time, I am doing it correctly. I will be staying and participating in every meeting. I want to know what goes on for an hour.

When I was younger and dropping in at the meetings, everyone seemed so much older than me. Guess what? They don’t anymore. There was a big turnout of about 30 people, 28 of them women, and the average age was pretty close to mine. I’ve finally grown into the demographic of my local chapter, and I stayed for the full meeting and afterwards to hear the new member tips.

I am psyched to get going and to get home to place my grocery order online. Yes, my groceries are delivered from my local Safeway. You’d be surprised how much money and time I save doing online grocery shopping. I can plan my meals for the week, order only what I need, and resist buying junk food that I love because I am not in the same aisle with it.

Time to stock up on Weight Watcher Giant Fudge Bars, because my fellow meeting attendees swear by them and they only have one point each. See, it paid to stay for the meeting in this one tip!

Talk to you soon.

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