Monday, July 12, 2010

Conversation with a trainer

Last evening, at Movie Club, one of the couples brought their son, Gary, to our home.  He is in his mid-twenties and we have known him “forever.”  He’s a great young man and my husband and I always enjoy seeing him.

Gary is a professional trainer, and he and I had an interesting discussion about losing weight.  He noticed that both my husband and I had lost weight and was interested in how we were doing it.  He, of course, is in enviable shape and works hard to maintain it.

I told him about my experience with Weight Watchers and shared my short and long-term weight goals.  We both agreed that it comes down to simple math.  Eat less calories and get more exercise, and over time, you lose weight. 

Portion control, eating when you are hungry as opposed to bored, and making room for occasional special treats all factor into a successful weight-loss journey.  We both are pleased that we live in a place where fresh fruits and vegetables are abundant, and we take advantage of incorporating them into our eating plans.

I was pleased that I could have a meaningful conversation with somebody who makes a living being fit.  I wouldn’t have done it 30 pounds ago.

Talk to you soon.

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