Thursday, July 29, 2010

A visit to Dr. Insomnia

I got to take advantage of an hour with some of my buddies from Weight Watchers today.  I knew that there was a “gathering” taking place on Thursdays at 1 p.m.  at Dr. Insomnia’s on Grant.  This was the first Thursday that I was around the area at that time, so I popped in.

When you spend just about every Tuesday morning with a core group of folks trying to lose weight, you focus on trying to lose weight.  But, everyone in the meeting has there own story, and I really didn’t know too many of them.  That’s what made today’s coffee break a nifty way to get better acquainted.

The first big ah-ha moment came when I got to see my coffee friends dressed in clothing other than their weigh-in “uniforms.”  Most of us wear the same outfits that we were originally weighed in, probably because we think that anything else would add more weight.  Our group “cleans up real nice.”

I also learned who had children, grandchildren and pets…two dogs joined our group and chose to dine on bones rather than coffee.  We talked about our families and very little about losing weight.  That was a good thing.

The time flew by and when I realized that I was due at the dentist in Larkspur, I was the first to bid a hasty retreat.  Trust me, I would have preferred to stay right where I was and get to know the group better, but when there is a hygienist with sharp tools waiting, you don’t want to be late.

Talk to you soon.

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