Thursday, July 1, 2010

The secret handshake

Tonight we met a group of my husband’s friends at Marin Brewing Company for dinner. After the introductions were made, we started chatting about weight…kind of odd to discuss that topic with people I didn’t really know, but we did.

I discovered that two of the women and one man were Weight Watchers, as my husband and I began eating the burger with avocado that we split. I removed the roll and it was just enough to be satisfied. I glanced at the other plates around me and all of the Weight Watchers were making good choices. I felt like I was in a “cool club” and the secret handshake was healthy eating.

With the July 4th weekend upon us, I am ready for my next three days of events, including barbecues and restaurant dinners with friends. I had my practice run this evening and passed with flying colors.

Talk to you soon.

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