Saturday, July 31, 2010

Another Saturday night...

Another Saturday night in Novato…my husband and I often go out to dinner with friends on Saturday evenings, and if we haven’t set something up, we go out as a couple.  Tonight is one of those Saturdays when we didn’t do either. 

By the time my husband got home from work, it was after 8, and we didn’t have anything official lined up.  We got lazier as the minutes ticked by and decided to eat leftovers that I began re-heating at 9:30.  It was definitely the late night dining menu.

I bought three beef kabobs from the Safeway butcher yesterday, and we grilled them last evening.  But we didn’t eat one of them and it was resurrected and split between the two of us tonight.  I also made some green beans, sliced tomatoes and reheated leftover baked beans from our Sunday BBQ to complete the deal.

Clean-up was a breeze since most of it was sitting on aluminum foil in the oven.  Considering that it was close to 10 when we finished eating, I wasn’t in the mood to face a pile of pots and pans. 

My refrigerator is looking cleaner and I’m ready to tackle a Giant Fudge Bar.  What more could a girl ask.

Talk to you soon.

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