Thursday, July 8, 2010

Splish, splash

My day started off with a splash…literally.  Last evening, we installed a new pool cover that floats on the surface to keep the heat in.  When we built our last house, we built a pool with a heater.  I love warm water and even when it was a chilly Tiburon summer evening, which was most of the time, I could go in the pool.

Our Novato house came with a pool, but no heater.  There is a solar heater which works pretty well if it’s really hot outside, but the evenings pull a lot of the heat right back out, hence the pool cover.

Our dogs, both Labs, will not go in the pool.  We have tried to coax them in with no success.  We did, however, place them in when we first bought the house to make sure they could swim and get back out.  They hated it.

Today, my female Lab, Tess, decided to walk on water.  She must have thought that the new pool cover was solid and stepped off the patio and into the shallow end.  What came next took most of the day. I heard the splash and by the time I opened the door, she had frantically pulled herself out and pulled one of her claws out with her.

Two hours of trying to stop it from bleeding, and I was off the vet in Corte Madera for professional help.  The place where the nail used to be was cauterized and she is now sporting a red bandage.  My other dog doesn’t know what to do with the whole situation, as he isn’t used to bandages or a limping companion.

Somewhere in all of that, it became 5 p.m. and I realized I hadn’t eaten since 9 a.m.  Let me tell you that worrying about Tess took my appetite away.  It’s going to be a low points Thursday.

Talk to you soon.

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