Saturday, July 17, 2010

Daydreams set in stone

Today, when I was driving to meet my husband for a “date night” at Frantoio in Mill Valley, I started to think about marble.  I have no idea what started me down that path, but I was imagining my body when I started Weight Watchers as a big hunk of sculptor’s marble.

Now that it’s 43 weeks later, I am starting to see the three- dimensional image of a woman, as if the sculptor has been chipping away at the hard surface and forming a new me.

What I really found intriguing, as I daydreamed my way down 101, was the thought of how I was going to turn out when I finally reach my goal.  Will I be a finely chiseled form that resembles the younger version of me, or will I look entirely different than I have ever looked before?

Only time will tell.

Talk to you soon.

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