Friday, July 23, 2010

Party planning points

We’re having another summer party in the backyard on Sunday and have been hitting the usual food spots to load up…Costco and Safeway.  Last evening, we did our first run and then on Saturday, I will go back to pick up the perishables, like the meat and the pies.

If you go to Costco at 8 p.m., there are no lines.  There are also no free samples.  This is the week that I am monitoring the BLTs…bites, licks and tastes, so it worked out really well to not have anything to consider as I drove through the aisles.  By the time we finished, it was almost 9 and we hadn’t eaten dinner yet.

Sometimes, you just get to the point of not caring about a meal, not often, but sometimes.  I didn’t care if we ate or we didn’t eat but knew that it wasn’t the best thing for me to skip the meal entirely.  We stopped by El Encanto in Novato on the way home, and I had one chicken taco, no sour cream, and a couple of spoons of black beans. 

We went home, unpacked the groceries from the car, and I was done for the evening.  I tried to watch a little TV and discovered how little when I woke up and the entire program was over. 

If there were activity points given for party planning, I’d be earning them.

Talk to you soon.

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