Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Who has lost 31.2 pounds...me

Week 44, and the report is a good one .  I lost .6 pounds, so the total is 31.2 pounds.  I can’t believe that I am six weeks from the part of the title of this blog …50 weeks.  Clearly, I will not have lost another 18 pounds in 50 weeks to get me to the 50 pounds part, but I don’t really care.

Earlier today, my son Alex dropped in.  We don’t see much of him because his new job takes precedence.  But, we got to go to Costco together, and he is currently whipping up dinner for the two of us, as my husband is out for the evening.  We are having salmon, grilled eggplant and brown rice.  My husband doesn’t eat fish, so it’s really nice to have someone to enjoy it with and even nicer that I don’t have to prepare it.

I hear the dinner whistle blowing, so I’ll be moving on to my feast.

Talk to you soon.

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