Sunday, August 1, 2010

Welcome back Hilltop

This evening, our son, Alex, came out to visit, and we tried the new Novato restaurant, Hilltop 1892 that opened about two weeks ago.  Not that Hilltop is really new…it has been sitting perched above Novato for something like 70 years, but has been closed for two years waiting for a new owner to rescue it.

It was a wonderful evening of food and views.  They say you can’t have a restaurant with good views, whether they are ocean or mountain, and still have good food.  Whoever “they are” are not right this time.

I had a pork chop, Brussels sprouts and a mashed white bean resembling mashed potatoes and all of it was very good. I used very few points and walked out feeling “just right.” Both my husband and Alex enjoyed their choices, and we all said we looked forward to returning.

It’s really nice to have this caliber restaurant in our town, and I am already thinking about what Saturday night we will introduce it to our friends.  I studied the whole menu and there are plenty of choices for a Weight Watchers member like me…or you.

Talk to you soon.

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