Friday, August 27, 2010

Bon voyage wardrobe

How could this already be the last weekend of August?  I ask that question every year around this time, because it always seems that the time between June 1st and the end of August passes by faster than any other 12 weeks of the year. 

When it was sweltering hot earlier this week, I commented that those three days were the first real summer days of the year.  Now, I’m wearing a sweater and wondering if that was it for 2010.  The cooler weather thing still bugs me in the evenings because I enjoy sitting outside after dark. That’s a throw back from my life on the East Coast, where every evening was an outdoor one.

Soon, I’ll start looking at my Fall wardrobe…and donating it.  I know that all of it is too big now, so I have been glancing at the online retailers to see what’s “in” these days.  I’ve been “not in” for a long time because I didn’t enjoy buying new clothes in plus sizes. 

That ship has sailed. 

Talk to you soon.

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