Monday, August 2, 2010

Heading southeast

I’m getting ready to head out of town to Florida.  This trip, my husband will be holding down the fort in Novato because of work, and I will be meeting up with my sister and dad for five days of family visiting. 

I will be bringing my new bathing suits, in a smaller size, that I bought months ago but haven’t worn yet.  In my backyard pool, I wear the leftover “big ones” since nobody ever sees me.  Now, I will be going to the beach, so I will get to debut the new body in new suits.

I’m also planning on eating a lot of fish.  You can’t go to Florida without getting great seafood and since my husband doesn’t eat fish, I can go wild and eat it for lunch and dinner. 

As I read this, my vacation sounds pretty darn good…beach, seafood, new bathing suits and best of all, new body.  The only thing missing will be my husband.  I won’t let that happen next time.

Talk to you soon.

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