Saturday, August 28, 2010

Scooting to safety

Let’s just say that I’m glad that if it had to happen, it happened after I lost over 30 pounds or the results could have been much worse. 

Last evening, in my attempt to take out the garbage, I missed the one step outside my back door and landed in a heap on my concrete patio.  My husband was supposed to get home from work a few hours after I hit the ground, so I was alone with the two dogs and garbage strewn everywhere.

I now know that my male dog is loyal and tried to kiss me off the ground.  The female was loyal to the garbage and attempted to leave with the leftover fish container in her mouth.

I knew I had really hurt my right ankle and a glance at my left leg yielded the equivalent of the look of a kid who had fallen of a bike…skinned and bleeding knee and foot.  The dilemma was how to get inside and up off the ground.

I scooted along on my rear end until I was back in my bedroom.  Then, I was able to reach my iPhone on my bed and texted my husband, complete with pictures of both of my legs.  He is an EMT, so I wanted to know what he thought I should do next.  While waiting for his call, I called my sister in southern California and she read me the Mayo Clinic website advice for my situation.

The end of the story is this.  I scooted along the floor to drawer that houses our kitchen hand towels and then scooted to the freezer and got ice.  I scooted to the couch and after several attempts, pulled myself up, elevated my ankle and covered it with the ice pack.  Then, I was able to reach down, get my purse that always carries Tylenol, and take them using the leftover diet Coke that had been sitting next to me on the couch.

My husband called back, came home, brought frozen peas and re-iced my ankle, wrapped it in an ace bandage, and I went to bed.

So, like I said in the beginning of this post, it’s a good thing I lost weight.  I can almost guarantee that I would have broken my ankle with 30 pounds extra landing on it, and I certainly would have scooted a lot slower.

Talk to you soon.

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