Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lunch with a new friend

Week 49 has been logged into my online eTool and .4 pounds has been subtracted.  Total loss is 32.2 pounds and counting…down.

After my Weight Watchers meeting, my husband and I drove into Daly City to meet the daughter of one of our former employees who moved here from the Philippines two months ago.

Her mom worked for us for over 10 years, and we love her.  Three years ago, mom retired and went back to the Philippines and now her daughter has come here to recognize the American dream.

We have a favorite hamburger joint located very close to where we were going, so we picked up our new friend and introduced her to Joe’s Cable Car.  Back “in the day,” I would polish off a burger, onion rings and the best vanilla milk shake that money could buy. 

Today is no longer “the day” and I had a great 4- ounce burger, one onion ring, and a diet Coke.  It was still an excellent meal, and we got to show our friend a real American treat. 
I’m still full from my late lunch, so I will be staying slightly under my allotted points for the day.

Maybe, one giant fudge bar to top me off….

Talk to you soon.

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