Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy Sunday

Sunday is almost over, and it was a good one.  The day started out with a visit from our son, Alex, who appeared around noon.  We decided to go for a walk to Tagliaferri’s deli for lunch where I ordered a great roast turkey and cranberry sandwich on whole wheat bread.  Then we walked home and planned our next adventure.

We went to the movies at Rowland and saw The Other Guys and laughed quite a bit for about 90 minutes.  They say that laughter is the best medicine…although I’m not sick, it did feel good.  While the men were eating popcorn, I tried a Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich and have to admit it was really yummy…and only two points.

After the movie, we walked across the street to Moylan’s. I wasn’t hungry so I had a bowl of turkey and vegetable soup.  It was just enough food to end the eating portion of my day.

Now, back on my couch, I am pleased that I logged in a three-mile walk, a good laugh and learned about a new two point snack.  Like I said, Sunday was a good day.

Talk to you soon.

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