Saturday, August 7, 2010

A date with my new suit

Today, I jumped into one of my new bathing suits that I purchased six months ago, before I could fit into it. I had confidence that by this time, it would be just right…and it is.

I have never purchased any clothing that was too small with the thought that I would lose weight.  I know my previous self better than that.  I wouldn’t have lost the weight before the item was out of style, and then it would have been donated to charity.

I proudly marched down to the pool and was greeted by the beginning of an afternoon of rain.  I didn’t even get to christen the new suit for fear that the lightning would finish me off before I was completely wet.

So, the suit and I had grouper, again, for lunch, and then we went upstairs where I resumed my regular attire.  Tomorrow, the suit and I are going out again, and we are determined to submerge ourselves in chlorine, followed by salt water.  The salt water may get scrapped if the sharks come back.  They were here yesterday.

Talk to you soon.

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