Saturday, August 14, 2010

Happy 300th

It’s number 300…no, not my weight, but the number of tales that I have posted on this blog since I started.  And, I’m coming into the home stretch as I approach the 50th week on August 31…so many milestones.

As I count down the 17 days until that weigh-in, I think back to when this all started.  Last August 29th, I saw myself on television on HGTV’s Color Splash and that 30 minutes of “fame” reminded me of what I already knew.  I was REALLY overweight. 

Then, my husband and I went to Mexico on vacation in early September, and I found myself out of breath just walking from our room to the pool…never mind how my bathing suit wasn’t fitting.

When we came back, we went to see Julie and Julia for our September Movie Club selection, and I just knew that I had to write a blog about something and that something had to be losing weight.

And there you have it…how we got to post number 300.  I haven’t written every day, but I have written about 90% of them.  Like losing weight, it’s not about perfection but about setting goals and working hard to achieve them.

Remember, I will hit 50 weeks very soon but I will not hit 50 pounds.  I have worked hard and will continue to work until I hit that target and then will go for 10 more pounds.  The new goal is 60 pounds by my 60th birthday…December 18, 2011.

Talk to you soon.

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