Tuesday, August 3, 2010

More math, less points

Back to 31.2 pounds lost based upon a .6 pounds off today.  Time to really kick- start this body.  I came home from my Weight Watchers meeting and immediately re-investigated my target points.  I have been working with 25 points for quite a while, so I decided to recalculate.

My game plan was to pretend that I was 59, which I will be in about four months, and that move shaved one point off my target.  Then, I made myself one pound lighter than I am which knocked me down another point.  So, I am now working with the 23 target points that would have appeared in the next few months.  I have no problem jumping the gun, if it helps the overall goal.

It will be interesting to see if I miss those two points.  I rarely use any of my weekly 35 points and plan to keep it that way.  But, knowing that they are there makes the two- point reduction painless...fingers crossed!  

Talk to you soon.

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