Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The color purple

I love a good heirloom tomato.  But, I have a hard time picking one that tastes the way I imagine it’s going to taste.  At this time of year, I usually reserve my heirloom eating to restaurants, figuring that the produce buyers know what they’re doing.  It’s about a 50/50 chance that I walk away satisfied.

Today, I stopped in Safeway to pick up milk and passed the heirlooms on display.  They always look weird, because their shapes are so unusual.  There were a variety of colors, and I couldn’t resist buying a deep purple one that felt ripe.

The big reveal came a few minutes ago when I sliced into it for our dinner.  It was AMAZING.  Maybe, the best heirloom I have ever picked out myself.  I think that the purple ones are the way to go. 

I’m looking forward to next Tuesday’s Farmer’s Market in Novato.  If I can pick a great heirloom at Safeway, there have got to be even better ones at the Farmer’s Market…as long as they have the color purple.

Talk to you soon.

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