Friday, August 6, 2010

Gone fishin'

My first full day in Florida, and I already have two meals of fish under my belt.  Yippee! For lunch, we went to a restaurant that operates next to the swimming pool at my dad’s condo, and because he is a “regular” there, he could steer me in the right ordering direction.  I had a grilled dolphin sandwich and split it with my sister.

For dinner, we moved on to a local favorite that serves all kinds of seafood.  It was really hard to pick just one fish because they all sounded so good.  Once again, my sister and I decided to split the entrée and settled in on grouper.  It came encrusted in sweet potatoes and for side dishes, I had a julienne zucchini and more sweet potatoes…mashed ones.

The dessert order was once slice of key lime pie for the six of us.  I had none, so it became one slice of key lime pie for the five of them.  I think they should have been grateful that I am on Weight Watchers because I could have inhaled that piece of pie all by myself.

I am looking forward to tomorrow’s “fishscapade,” my made up word for the fun I am having ordering seafood.  I feel a swordfish in my future…let’s see what happens.

Talk to you soon.

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