Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I accept the challenge

I forgot to mention that at yesterday’s Weight Watchers meeting, our meeting leader, Claudette, gave us a “challenge.” There are 11 weeks until Labor Day and anyone who wanted to jump into the challenge could raise their hand and decide on the amount of weight they would lose in those 11 weeks.

A lot of the participants picked 10 pounds. I have the historical record of 41 weeks behind me to know that I will probably not lose 10 pounds in 11 weeks, so I picked five pounds. I really think it will be closer to seven, but I would rather exceed my goal than to pick one that I will not achieve and be mildly disappointed.

It’s not like I won’t be losing 10 pounds eventually, considering that I have about 20 pounds left to reach my goal of 50 pounds. But, it might be Columbus Day before I get to 10 and Christmas before I get to 20. Who cares as long as I get there.

Talk to you soon.

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