Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Shedding a toddler

I wonder what I will look like in about four months. If you are wondering why I picked an odd opener to this posting, it’s because I was looking at my itinerary for an upcoming trip to Hawaii with my husband.

Last September, just before joining Weight Watchers, we went to Mexico for a week. We spent every day at the beach and pool and did very little else except wear bathing suits and relax. It was marvelous.

I do remember thinking that between the heat, humidity and my excess weight, I was moving pretty slowly. I don’t think it had anything to do with being ultra relaxed. It had everything to do with carrying the equivalent of a toddler on my back around the hotel.

I also remember that I was thinking that it would be nice to feel good in my bathing suit. I was just a bit embarrassed to take off my cover-up and silently vowed to look and feel better in one year. That’s about four months from now.

As I approach the 30 pounds lost milestone, I feel great. Heat and humidity won’t hold me back. And my bathing suits, all new and ready for summer, feel great, too.

Like I said earlier, I wonder what I will look like in about four months. Right now, I look so much better that I won’t be hiding behind that cover-up.

Talk to you soon.

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