Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lights, camera and a lot of action

It was a very busy morning. I knew that I had to be in front of my computer at 10:30 to do a live, one-hour talk show and that meant that I actually had to have my hair, makeup and clothing done by that time. I also knew that my Weight Watchers meeting began at 9:30.

So, first I thought about not attending. Then, I tossed that idea out for a variety of reasons including today is weigh-in day, I find value in staying for the meetings and I hadn’t told my buddy Nora that I was not going to be there.

What’s a girl to do? Well, there is always a solution. The doors open for weigh-in at our meetings at 8 a.m. I drove, rather than walked, to the location, got weighed-in, jumped back in the car and was home by 8:20. I then proceeded to the shower, did my hair and makeup, got dressed and drove back to the location at 9:30.

Back in the car at 10:10 and home at 10:15, I was calm and collected at my computer fifteen minutes later. Oh yeah, I gained .6 pounds, which isn’t a surprise because I live in the world of up a bit one week but down a bit more the next. It’s a roller coaster ride that I am totally used to and as long as the month shows an overall loss, I’m happy.

Now, I am getting ready to grill some chicken. I will be wearing makeup and done-up hair for the occasion…hope the chickens notice.

Talk to you soon.

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