Thursday, June 3, 2010

Changing it up

All of us get in a rut at one time or another. The need to “change it up” a bit is good for our well-being. Today, I did a minor adjustment for just that reason.

Every four weeks or so, I get a manicure and pedicure. My manicure is always the same, a “French” with the white tips. I use my hands a lot when I speak (not a great habit), and I try to have my nails portray an understated elegance…or, at least look like I paid attention to them.

Today was different. I abandoned the French for a solid color. Light pink is not going to shock the world, but I have enjoyed looking at them ever since I returned home.

The same philosophy works for my food choices on Weight Watchers. It’s easy to eat the same stuff over and over again and when you do, I think you are more apt to get into the boredom rut and make mistakes because of it.

Tonight I changed it up a bit with my entrée. Should I have steak or chicken, I asked myself. Why not have a little of each, I answered. And so I did, and just like my nails, I enjoyed looking at my plate when I sat down to eat.

My husband just called and asked what he was getting for dinner since he got off work late and knew I would have eaten already. I said he had a choice of steak or chicken. He asked if he could have a little of each. I’m now wondering if he was at the nail salon earlier today.

Talk to you soon.

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