Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Take a Memo

I’m in LA visiting my sister and arrived last evening. It’s been a fun-filled day of doing very little. We got up this morning and headed out for a one- hour drive to the stable where she keeps her horse, Memo.

I hadn’t had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Memo before, as he is a new addition to her family. My sister, Jill, has been riding horses for over 40 years and her previous horse passed away earlier this year at the age of 24.

I was impressed with Memo’s memory…for food. He was just like me before Weight Watchers. When we arrived, he knew that my sister would give him a peppermint. He was begging, striking his foot on the ground, repeatedly, until he got his treat. I checked to see if it was because he had a breath issue, but my sister assured me that he just liked the taste.

When he was done exercising, he knew he was going to the paddock to graze on the grass. He tried to make a break for it but Jill knew he was going to do it and had him under control.

His last food move was his best. When Jill was finished with her chores, which included brushing him, she leaves the barn and loads her car. Then, she walks back to his stall and he can hear her feet hitting the gravel. He begins grunting and whinnying because he knows that he will get carrots. And, six carrots later, we were on our way.

Mr. Memo has his food triggers, and they have become habits. Although he weighs about 1000 pounds, his habits aren’t making him overweight. I couldn’t say the same about me, so I joined Weight Watchers.

Talk to you soon.

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