Sunday, June 6, 2010

Pool is open for business

The pool is officially open at my house. I went in, up to my knees, and declared that summer has begun. Our pool is solar heated and the lack of sun warmth, until recently, hasn’t done much for the water temperature. But, a few more days of weather like today should fix it right up.

We finished unstacking the outdoor furniture, and I enjoyed sitting on each piece throughout the day. Some of you know that we had a backyard makeover last summer and that it was done by HGTV’s Color Splash team. Now, we get to see our backyard on television just about every month when the reruns are played and, more recently, we noticed that it is part of the commercial for the new season.

What’s great about all of this is the fact that we can reconstruct the backyard just by looking at the television segment that we TIVO’d last year when the episode originally ran. I am sitting inside now listening to the water babbling in the fountain and looking at the Italian cypress trees with the twinkling lights. I love my backyard, and I love this time of year.

Talk to you soon.

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