Saturday, June 19, 2010

More Pinkberry please

Home again. I left my sister’s house in LA on Thursday evening after a fun-filled four days of “hanging out.” I can’t wait until she sells her house and moves to Novato, which is the plan that is taking a lot longer than we had hoped because the real estate market is moving at a snail’s pace in her neighborhood.

On our last day together, we did go shopping for four hours without getting tired. We only went into small stores, so we decided that our theory on becoming overwhelmed in department stores was correct.

Our lunch was spent with Pinkberry. If you haven’t had Pinkberry yogurt, you are missing out on a real treat. It is not easy to find a shop in our part of the world, as I think the closest one may be in Berkeley. But in southern California, there are several of them near my sister’s house.

She guided me through the ordering process, and we each had a medium mango and original swirl. You can add toppings that range from a variety of fresh fruit to a variety of chocolate, nuts and praline choices that would do serious point damage to the Weight Watchers program. I stuck with the fresh raspberries and blueberries, and my whole treat was five points.

When I arrived at the airport to depart LA, it was the last few minutes of the Lakers and Celtics playoffs. I am not a basketball fan, but it was clear from the crowds gathered in front of any available television, that everyone else at the airport was immersed in the game. It was then that I noticed another Pinkberry.

I decided to have a small version of my lunch, using three points. Because everyone was standing in front of the TV, I got a seat and enjoyed every last bite before boarding the plane.

Oh, the Lakers won, which isn’t telling you something you don’t already know. But being in Lakers territory when they won, I was a fan for the few minutes I was still on the ground and cheered with everyone else. Go Lakers!

Talk to you soon.

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