Saturday, June 12, 2010

The case of the Chinese restaurant...solved

It was too hot to cook. I shouldn’t be complaining, since I have been complaining about the rain and the cold in other postings. I’m happy about the weather except when it comes to heating up my kitchen with the oven and/or stove usage.

Since moving to Novato, my husband and I haven’t found a place to go for Chinese food. We needed a “resident expert” so at our last Weight Watchers meeting, I checked in with my buddy, Nora, for her advice in this matter. She recommended China Garden, and that’s where we went.

My meal began with air-conditioning. The restaurant was the perfect temperature, and I enjoyed the first cool moments of the day. Although our house is air-conditioned, I “cheaped out” and didn’t turn it on.

I ordered the beef with green beans and a side of white rice. There was enough food for three people in my order, so I brought the leftovers home. While I’m visiting my sister next week, my husband will have plenty of food, including his own leftovers, for a couple of meals.

Now that I’m back home, my house has cooled down to a very pleasant temperature, so I won’t have to think about the air conditioner. What I saved by sweating through today, I put towards my great meal at China Garden.

Talk to you soon.

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