Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Our shopping expedition

Today, my sister and I went shopping. Our idea was to head out in the early afternoon and spend about four hours walking around the stores. We headed out in the early afternoon and spent about two hours in the stores and then admitted to each other that we were tired and went home.

We tried to analyze what finished us off so quickly and decided that there are just too many things to look at in a department store. After a while, it all begins to look the same. And, much to our dismay, a lot of it belongs to another type of shopper…about 30 years younger with a whole lot of disposable cash.

After a brief relaxation period in my sister’s living room, we set off again for dinner at a restaurant that she enjoys, and I wanted to try. We had a lot of fun sitting outside conducting some serious people-watching. I had a great piece of fresh halibut with a side of vegetables and when we got back home, some fresh fruit…very few points, not too expensive and free entertainment.

Tomorrow, we are going to head out early and visit some new, smaller stores. Let’s see if we can make it last longer than two hours.

Talk to you soon.

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