Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hats off to Nora and 30 pounds less of her

You know you are committed to Weight Watchers when it’s weigh-in day and your friend loses weight and you don’t…but you are thrilled for her. That’s what happened today at my meeting.

I knew coming in that I has gained weight. Now that I own that scale, I get a sneak preview before I go to my meeting. But, I also knew that if history repeats itself, my friend, Nora, lost weight. We are like a seesaw and seem to alternate our losses and gains.

Imagine my excitement when I entered the room to discover that she had lost 2.4 pounds and, more importantly, has now lost 30.4 pounds. She has crested our next milestone with room to spare.

So, bravo to you, Nora!

Oh yeah… I gained .2 pounds, so I’m 1.6 pounds from the milestone. I went home and checked to see that my daily point allowance was correct, as advised by Nora, and lo and behold, it wasn’t. In the past, it automatically adjusted on my eTool, but it didn’t, and I lost one point. I’m glad to make the adjustment now and hope it helps me break through to the next step in my journey.

Meanwhile, I’m going to celebrate Nora’s accomplishment by having a Giant Fudge Bar in her honor.

Talk to you soon.

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