Tuesday, February 9, 2010

21.4 pounds lost in 21 weeks...loving it!

Weigh-in day, week 21, and 1.2 pounds lost. For those of you who keep track with me, the total is 21.4 pounds. I am pleased with my loss this week and believe it is due, in part, to a readjustment.

This week, I paid careful attention to weighing my food. I think that after five months of being on the program, it’s easy to think you know the amount of food you are eating just by eyeballing it. And I think that you may be wrong. I was.

By readjusting my eyes to the correct portion size, I know that my point tracker was more accurate. I wasn’t that far off, but I think that if I kept going without using my food scale, I would have eventually reached a multi-week plateau.

I will spot- check my portions every week to prevent “the slide” back to thinking that I can evaluate the correct weights of all foods. It only takes an extra few seconds but clearly is worth it.

Talk to you soon.

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