Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lost weight...got soaked

Yay, I got rid of the .8 pounds gain from last week plus .2 more…total of one pound down and overall 21.6 pounds in 23 weeks. Can’t say I’m not pleased with the progress.

I can say that walking the three miles to and from the Weight Watchers meeting was mighty wet. When we left, my husband, Alex and I, it was drizzling. I was wearing a water resistant jacket, and it kept me dry. The return was another story.

It was pouring and necessitated the use of the built-in rain hood that comes with the jacket. I forgot to mention that the jacket is actually my husband’s so it is a few sizes too large. As I made my way home, I was glad that we didn’t run into anyone we knew because the look was really not too flattering.

While I was trying to keep the hood out of my eyes, Alex was trying to keep his flip-flops on his feet. Yes, a man in his twenties doesn’t want to hear his mother tell him to dress for the rain, so he didn’t dress for the rain. He was a dripping mess when we reached the front door.

And speaking of the front door, we didn’t use it. We were all so wet that we had to go into the garage and drop our wet gear in the dryer and on hooks.

So, there you have it. My summary of the morning goes like this. Lost weight, got wet, was happy, the end.

Talk to you soon.

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