Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bon me

It’s time to put the clothes in the suitcase, write the last of my lists and countdown the remaining hours until heading off for vacation. Yay!

It so much easier to leave town knowing that my son will be taking care of the dogs and the house. Things like stopping the mail, taking the garbage cans to the curb, not letting the voicemail system back up on itself are all non-events when Alex takes over.

I have one more roast to cook this evening, which will clean out the meat-keeper and leave Alex with leftover pork loin. When he gets around to reading my list, he’ll find that chicken in the freezer along with a couple of packages of ground beef. He should be Weight Watchers ready for healthy eating.

And, I will say good-bye to you for a while. If I can post, I will, but I’m not making any promises. Cruise ship Wi-fi may too expensive for hook-up, and you’ll have to wait for my report until I return. Or, if you really miss me, you can re-read the 164 postings before this one. Okay, you’re probably not missing me that much!

Talk to you soon.

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