Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Olympic moment

I have been watching bits and pieces of the Olympics as I work on the supercollars®. Sometime this evening, I heard an announcer say that in order to maintain the stamina needed to compete at this level, the athletes need to eat 5000 calories a day.

And, this explains how I gained so much weight over the years. I think I was eating like an Olympic athlete but forgot to train like one. Just think, if I converted the calories to points, it would be about 100 points a day, or four times what I am allotted. That’s a lot of food!

Of course, if I was in training, I would get to use the activity point tracker and wipe out all those extra points. Who am I kidding…I am pleased when I get three activity points for walking to Weight Watchers. That’s three miles…so in order to get rid of the extra points, I would have to walk something like 75 miles.

I should stop watching the Olympics. There’s too much math involved.

Talk to you soon.

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