Thursday, February 18, 2010

When brown is black and Thursday is Saturday

A few years ago, the color brown was considered the new black. I really didn’t embrace that concept and continued to wear my wardrobe staples that were and still are black. I like the color black. It goes with just about everything and as we all know, it’s slimming.

Now, I’ve discovered that Thursday is the new Saturday. That’s what they say…not too sure who they are. But, when my husband and I go out to dinner on Thursday evening, it seems to be busier than it used to be.

After a couple of weeks that can be called long and hard, the supercollars® are ready to ship out to HSN, and I’m ready to take a break from learning how to tag, bag, box, label, shrink wrap and palletize a lot of boxes. Between the paper cuts and the stiff fingers, I’m yelling “uncle.” Of course, it is totally worth it, but I am tired.

We are going out to celebrate the culmination of all this manual labor. We have no reservations and hope that the Thursday “rush” won’t shut us out of a quiet meal someplace near home. I can guarantee that if it does, there will be no cooking at my house, and we will go hungry.

Okay, a little melodramatic but it still could happen.

Talk to you soon.

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