Friday, February 5, 2010

Self-restraint...with a pizza

Ever since I’ve known my husband, which is 19 years, we have enjoyed one pizzeria more than any other one in Marin, Lo Coco’s in Terra Linda. My husband started going there when he was 16, so he has another 12 years of history with the place.

Tonight, on his way home from work, he stopped at Lo Coco’s and picked up a pizza to go. As I warmed the oven for its arrival, I have to admit that I was a bit afraid of having it in the house. It is one of the foods that could be considered a trigger for me, but at least I was aware of it.

I had one slice. I walked over to the box, put that slice on a plate and ate it very slowly. It was delicious. I never ventured into the kitchen again this evening, and I made sure that my husband wrapped the leftovers. I just didn’t trust myself.

The trigger wasn’t released. I took every precaution to keep it in check, and it worked. I am the mistress of my destiny. Okay, a little melodramatic, but at least I didn’t have a second slice.

Talk to you soon.

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