Friday, February 12, 2010

Preventing bad dreams

I’m done eating take-out for quite a while. Today, everybody involved in production of the supercollar® left for the long weekend, and my house became a silent cave where I hid from the world.

When it came time to make dinner, I was so over pizza, Chinese food and Taco Bell that I had to eat Greek yogurt, fresh raspberries and a couple of granola bars. Even though I exercised portion control on all of that brought-in stuff, the combination of too much salt and too much grease has made me feel “cruddy.”

I loved my dinner. It tasted clean and light. I didn’t leave the table with instant bloat. And, I believe that I will sleep better because I had some wild dreams earlier this week that I attribute to the strange meal program that had entered my body.

Speaking of dreams, that’s on the agenda…right now.

Talk to you soon.

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