Monday, February 22, 2010

Costco yogurt swirls are back

Another visit to Costco to pick up some odds and ends yielded an interesting piece of information on points. I really used to like the vanilla and chocolate yogurt swirl in the food court and hadn’t had one since last summer. Today, I decided I wanted one, but first I had to figure out the points.

So, I asked the server for the nutrition guide, which I know they keep behind the counter. I found my yogurt swirl and entered the calories, 390, the fat, zero, and the fiber, zero into my iPhone Weight Watchers app. The portion size is 12 ounces and the points are eight.

I turned in the nutrition guide and ordered my swirl but asked the server to fill it 75% because I only wanted six points. I got my yogurt exactly the way I wanted it and was thrilled.

Then, as I headed towards the main part of the store to do my shopping, carrying my yogurt, I ran into one of the members of my Weight Watchers Tuesday morning group. I was proud to share my new- found information with her.

But, I have to admit that for one fleeting moment, I imagined what would have happened if I had been eating the 900 –calorie chocolate covered ice cream bar. It would have been really hard to explain why I was eating the majority of my daily points on a stick.

Talk to you soon.

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