Saturday, February 20, 2010

Weights and measures

Saturday night and not much is going on at my house. Olympics are in full swing, and we are watching the conclusion of the Women’s Super-G. I happened to notice that the information supplied on some of the skiers included their height and weight. One of the women is 6 feet and weighs 160 pounds.

I started having flashbacks to the Miss America pageant that I watched every year when I was growing up. I would focus in on the contestants’ heights and weights, sometimes forgetting to pay attention to anything else that was going on.

There is some connection between being overweight and studying women who are considered to be role models, whether it’s athletic role models or beauty queens. Instead of looking at height and weight charts in the doctor’s office, it’s much more interesting to actually see what a woman of my height but with an athlete or beauty queen’s body looks like on my television.

These TV women have to tell the truth about their weight in order to compete. Most of the women I know wouldn’t share their real weight with anyone, so it’s kind of fun to be “in the know" without really knowing these TV superstars.

Okay, I told you nothing was going on at my house.

Talk to you soon.

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