Monday, February 8, 2010

Bite size brownies

Let’s talk about Super Bowl Sunday. Now that I have recovered from not writing my posting yesterday, I can focus on one of the biggest eating days of the year. My husband and I were invited to a party that we have attended for many Super Bowls past. We are always happy to be invited back.

The day began with the decision to take a walk before we left for the party. It was a beautiful, sunny morning and we headed out for 45 minutes to get a little exercise. When we returned, it was time to put together the “thing” we were bringing to the party…bite size brownies iced with cream cheese frosting. Both the brownies and the frosting were created in the gourmet kitchen of Safeway.

It’s really easy to pop an entire brownie in your mouth while frosting it, so that’s why I didn’t do either. My husband was the designated dessert guy and I stayed clear. I have to admit, however, that I opened the refrigerator to make lunch and saw all of them sitting on a platter and for one second my hand began to head towards the little guys. But, I came to my senses and ignored them.

The party hosts barbecued a turkey, so I made it through the four hours of our visit unscathed. A helping of raw vegetables and my indulgence in half of one deviled egg did the trick for me.

I knew that I was going home to the Super Bowl commercials since we always TIVO the game and then fast forward to each commercial for a review and our commentary. Of course, we do that alone since most of party guests were way more interested in the game. Not me…after years of watching football I will admit that I really don’t understand how the game is played.

Talk to you soon.

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