Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Bowl Apology

Was it the drinking? Or, perhaps it was the extreme “pigging-out” on Super Bowl Sunday that caused it. Okay, since I don’t drink and there was no overeating at the big game, I have to fall on my sword at 7 a.m. Monday morning. I just plain forgot. It had to happen eventually and yesterday was the day. It was supposed to be the 147th posting of my blog…one for every day since I began writing it on September 21, 2009. If I add six days to that number, it equals the number of days I have been on Weight Watchers.

It didn’t happen. I woke up this morning remembering what I didn’t do yesterday. I didn’t write a posting. I now remember what it feels like to “cheat” on Weight Watchers. The guilt, a quick moment of rationalization …I was busy, I was having a good time at the party, I was tired…you know the drill.

But, really, I just plain went to bed without writing it. So, just as I would do if I messed up a day on the program, I’ll get back on my writing horse and post this blog. And, to make up for missing one, I’ll write another one later today. Then, I’ll be squared away.

Sorry folks, I made a mistake. We all do.

Talk to you soon.

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