Saturday, March 13, 2010

Baggy jeans be gone

Today, I put on a pair of jeans that were the newest ones that I own…but purchased about a month before I joined Weight Watchers. I thought they were pretty cute when I bought them, and they are the only pair of jeans that I own.

Although I wore them all day in my house, I can’t wear them in public. You see, I can now pull them off without opening the button. What that means is that they are so baggy that I feel like I have forgotten to zip them up, and I spent the day grabbing at them to make sure they were still there.

By now you can hear the excitement in my voice as I write this posting. All of this pants stuff is great news. I love the thought of buying new jeans in a smaller size. I’m not sure when I will head to the store to look around, but I think the time is coming soon.

As I approach the 25 pounds lost mark, I look forward to more interesting fashion choices as new sizes become available to me. This could be the start of something…smaller.

Talk to you soon.

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