Thursday, March 18, 2010

Color my plate healthy

Tonight, my dinner plate was so full of food that my meal actually hung over the sides. And, it was a 12” plate. Amazing, that with all of that food, the point value was a mere 7.5 points and the colors were magnificent.

Let me explain. I was doing a refrigerator/pantry clean out and cooked up fresh carrots, sweet potatoes, asparagus and mushrooms. I also added whole cranberry sauce, sliced tomatoes, and for my protein, a three- ounce boneless pork chop.

When it all got piled on the plate, there was actually a “double decker” layer of vegetables…the mushrooms ended up underneath the carrots. It was like finding the prize in the Cracker Jack’s box.

It’s not even spring yet, and I’m enjoying a medley of fresh vegetables. Can you imagine how big my plate will have to be when corn is in season!

Talk to you soon.

1 comment:

  1. oh that sounds like a fabulous dinner! I can't wait for more fresh veggies :)