Saturday, March 20, 2010

Gone fishin' at Joe's

If you live in Marin, you know Marin Joe’s. Any restaurant that has been in business, in the same place, for over 50 years is doing something right. My husband has been going there since he was born, and I found it before I found him when I moved to Marin from New York City.

So, tonight we went to dinner there. When we lived in Tiburon, we averaged three or four visits a month. The drive was short and Joe’s serves dinner late into the evening…our preferred dining time. Now that we live in Novato, we have gotten lazy and don’t make the trip to Corte Madera for dinner too often and don’t eat out as much, either.

I forgot what I was missing until I sat at the counter, because, as always, the restaurant was jammed and we got to watch the chefs prepare endless combinations of meals. It is the free entertainment that comes with every counter dinner.

I chose the fresh halibut, something I have never had at Joe’s. In the old days, before Weight Watchers, I would order ravioli, a giant hamburger, or if I was felt like splurging, a steak and fries. I have never ordered fish in the 21 years I have been eating there.

The halibut was fantastic. It was grilled on the mesquite grill and came with sides of mixed vegetables and roasted potatoes. I was totally smitten with the whole experience.

No more excuses about the drive from Novato to Corte Madera…we’re going back and I’m going fishing.

Talk to you soon.

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