Friday, March 26, 2010

Room service...healthy eating

Tonight, after a busy day of putting the finishing touches on my HSN presentation, I came back to my hotel room and decided that room service was the way to go for dinner. I don’t have a rental car, so the choices of where to eat are limited to getting in the elevator and going to the hotel restaurant or dialing the phone and having it come to me.

As I studied the room service menu, I started thinking back to the many trips I have taken over almost 40 years of business travel. I rarely ordered room service, as I looked forward to trying new restaurants in new places. But, when I did, I ordered more food than I would have ordered at a table.

It is really easy to fall into that trap. With all the time you want to study the menu, nobody asking you if your are ready to order, and nobody watching you eat, ordering multiple courses and multiple desserts is not a foreign concept to me.

Ah, how Weight Watchers has changed my old habits. I ordered the fresh fish, salmon, with rice and asparagus. I made sure to request that the breadbasket not appear with the meal. And, I ordered no dessert. The meal showed up in 30 minutes and was actually pretty tasty.

Time to go back to TV, the only other thing I have on tonight's agenda.

Talk to you soon.

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