Monday, March 22, 2010

Follow me to HSN

I’m getting ready to leave town on Wednesday for Florida. It’s time to head to HSN (Home Shopping Network) to launch my company’s product, supercollar®. List making has begun, as my husband will be at home with the dogs, and thoughts of what to pack are running through my head.

This trip involves a tricky wardrobe selection. My customary uniform of black clothing is unacceptable for television. White clothes are also unacceptable, clearly proving that there is not an understanding that a woman of a certain size doesn’t even own too many white outfits.

That left me with a visit to Macy’s to find the preferred colors…blue, pink, yellow, etc. I now have a rainbow of choices and have to bring them with me in order to let the professionals decide what works best. The one thing I wouldn’t do is to buy pants in any other color but black. I may have lost 24 pounds, but I sure as heck know where I carry my weight.

As I told you in a previous posting, I am pleased to be shopping in the “regular” rather than plus size department. I did have many more choices for my TV appearance by visiting multiple women’s designers. Not everything fit because designers all cut their clothes differently, but enough stuff worked that I was able to feel good about my choices.

Now I’ll leave it to you to decide. How did I do? You’ll have to tune in, or TIVO, my HSN appearance on Sunday evening, March 28, at 11:00 p.m. PST (2:00 a.m. EST for my East Coast readers). I will show up somewhere in the hour called Pet Solutions. I’m a Comcast customer, and it’s channel 11 on my TV in Novato.

Talk to you soon.

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