Friday, March 12, 2010

Make a Wish walk

By the time I had been on the cruise ship for four days, I was ready to participate in the Make a Wish one -mile walk. At 11:00 a.m., about one hundred walkers, including me, made their contributions to this worthwhile cause, claimed their official T-shirts, and set off on the jogging track. My husband and sister joined me on the walk.

As we rounded the Deck 5 track, we enjoyed the ocean breeze and some good conversation and before we knew it, the one-mile was over. People were peeling off the track and heading for the doors to resume their vacations. The three of us weren’t with them. We decided to go another mile because we were having a good time.

Our big walk was on Thursday and when we finished breakfast on Friday, we decided to repeat the walk. This time, we added two more laps to our outing and followed it up with a lot of “high fives.”

I’m not sure I would have done the second day if my husband and sister hadn’t joined me. They made it an effortless activity and reinforced the idea that exercising with a buddy is the way to go.

Talk to you soon.

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